Temporary Fence Info

Instant Fence Hire supplies temporary pool fencing to many industries. We have many customers who have swimming pool construction business’s or permanent fence business that have started carrying a supply of temporary pool fencing to both improve the service they can offer their customers and to add an extra income stream to their business.

When constructing or renovating a pool, Australian law makes it clear all pools must have temporary pool fencing at all times during the build process. Standard temporary fence does not comply with government regulations. Any contractors ignoring these regulations may be prosecuted and receive substantial fines. Other types of fencing not permitted are:

  • Construction fencing
  • Crowd control barriers

Using the correct pool fencing product means councils will not permit the filling of pools until a permanent fence is built. We advise contacting your local council for further information, if your permanent fence suffers a delay in construction. Contact our TTFS’s team for information on the best solution for your projects.

Complying with Australian Standards for Temporary Pool Fencing

It is important to use the correct quality specific panels for your project. We design and manufacture our temporary pool fencing in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1926.1-2007 Swimming Pool Safety, Part 1: Safety barriers for swimming pools.

Our Temporary Pool Fencing

We supply pool industry contractors, who choose to buy rather than use temporary pool fencing hire, with our quality products and services. Our product has a number of outstanding features, including a specially designed foot which allows:

  • A consistent gap of 100mm between ground and panel
  • The sturdy structure to be easily moved without the need for star pickets
  • Strong assembly, so no need for temporary fencing stays/bracing

We also offer an affordable self-closing entry gate integrated into your temp fence, giving safe and secure access. During the building process, our fencing can easily be moved and replaced, allowing access for large excavation equipment.

Call Instant Fence Hire for your temporary pool fencing needs today!