The Importance of Temporary Fencing on a Construction Site

 construction site can become hazardous and dangerous the moment safety measures are ignored.  A construction site poses several dangers, which leaves us wondering – how can we keep the construction sites safe? Open ditches, sharp metal rods, iron sheets, and large logs can cause injuries to people and pose risks to vehicles and machinery when left.. read more →

General Fence Hire Information

Temporary fencing is free standing, self-supporting fence panels which interlock together to provide a temporary barrier generally for safety. The couplers hold the panels together interlocking for strength. This makes the temporary fencing portable and flexible for a wide range of applications. It also allows for durability and strength within each panel. To support the panels.. read more →

Key Strategies for Good Customer Service

Good customer service is key to business growth and development. Happy customers can mean repeat business and growth through word of mouth advertising. Some points to implement in your business to develop a strong customer service focus should include: Communication – every business needs to be able to communicate its mission or purpose clearly. Communicating.. read more →

Home Safety in Storms and Bad Weather

5 STEPS TO MAKING YOUR HOME SAFER FOR WHEN THE NEXT STORM HITS PERTH Storms are inevitable and some times you can’t avoid some sort of damage around your home. You can however minimise any damage, or eliminate the possibility of damage, and keep your home and family safe. Here’s five super quick tips to.. read more →

Small Business Tips for Improvement

Continually monitoring and looking for ways to improve workplace operations  in small business can help an organisation stay on financial track. It can also help provide specific direction for employees, which can lead to improved time management and increased productivity. Use care in oversight techniques, as some forms of monitoring, such as cameras and computer.. read more →

Benefits of Temporary Fencing

Benefits of Temporary Fencing One of the most common expenses for many project developments is the fencing requirements. Every site seems to install one, so it follows that your next project and construction site should feature one as well. But don’t just copy what the others have tried to great success in their project sites. It.. read more →

Temporary Pool Fencing Information

Instant Fence Hire supplies temporary pool fencing to many industries. We have many customers who have swimming pool construction business’s or permanent fence business that have started carrying a supply of temporary pool fencing to both improve the service they can offer their customers and to add an extra income stream to their business. When.. read more →